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01. Educational training and exercises for kids

Fun and playful boxing lessons for children to learn boxing, let off steam, learn to express themselves and better channel their energy.

Days Hours
Monday 4:30pm to 5:30pm
Wednesday 4:30pm to 5:30pm
Friday 4:30pm to 5:30pm

02. With experienced educators

Surrounded by experienced and caring educators and children of the same age, your child will learn boxing while having fun.

Through psychomotor exercises and educational sessions, the children’s boxing lessons will also teach your child about respect of the rules, concentration and hard work.

Does your child have a tremendous amount of energy and you do not know how to manage it? At Nbsboxing, a team of experienced educators will help him or her release their energy and teach them how to channel it.

03. Initiation and practice of educational boxing

Your children will enjoy learning to box without violence. They will have a great time and make new friends!

Through our educational boxing programs, children learn and have fun without the risk of injury. They are introduced to the sport of combat in an educational manner and receive physical education. These lessons for children also allow us to detect the children who could become boxers in the future.

Teenagers are also covered by our English boxing lessons. It allows them to learn about tactics, strikes and combinations. Becoming a pro boxer involves starting at an early age at a boxing school like ours.

Under the benevolent eye of our coaches, a playful environment will allow them to express themselves fully and develop their character. So don’t wait any longer, bring your child to the Nbsboxing English boxing club.

04. Boxing lessons for children: benefits and registration

Boxing is a sport that is 100% ideal for children. It is a complete discipline that works on both the physical and the psychological aspects.

It helps them to remain in control, boosts their self-confidence, and teaches them respect and discipline. Every professional coach reminds the children of this. He explains to them that to practice boxing, you have to respect the rules. This sport has a strong ethical component.

Depending on your child’s maturity, they can start boxing at 4-5 years old. It truly differs from one child to another.

Among the benefits of boxing lessons for kids are the physical benefits. During a training session, the child will jump, run, work the muscles in his body and spend a fair amount of energy.