Become one of Our She-Wolves

01. Boxing training for girls

Located in the very heart of Brussels, the NBSBOXING club also offers boxing lessons for women / Girls !

Days Hours
Tuesday and Thursday 5:45pm to 7:00pm
Saturday 1:30pm to 2:45pm

02. With highly qualified coaches

Whether you're looking to lose weight, unwind or gain confidence, our boxing lessons for women are perfect for you!

Our women’s boxing lessons allow you to train and improve in a ladies-only environment, supervised and coached by highly qualified trainers.

Our team of friendly and experienced boxing coaches offers boxing lessons for ladies where you can improve at your own pace.

The training sessions combine cardio, technical skills and sparring in a dynamic, friendly and girl-centered environment.

So don’t wait any longer, become one of our She Wolves!

03. Stay in shape with English Boxing

Do you want to slim down your figure or lose weight ? Are you looking for full-contact training to burn fat and calories ? You've come to the right place !

Our Boxing gym is just as good as a fitness gym for getting those firm arms and flat stomach you have been wanting. Meet other women, let off steam, throw punches, do other gym exercises and bring your best to the ring in our English Boxing lessons for women.

Want to build muscle? Wear the gloves, do your warm-up, and hit the punching bags. You’ll go from amateur to pro while getting in shape.

With English Boxing for women, work on your endurance, self-control and become a champion. We have qualified and certified coaches who will help you achieve your goals.

04. Women's Boxing Lessons: From Beginners to Champions

Contrary to what many people think, boxing is a sport practiced by many women.

There are even countless female boxing champions around the world such as Myriam Lamare (23 professional fights, 3 defeats) and Sarah Ourahmoune (262 boxing fights), Cecilia Braekhus (29 fights, 0 defeats), etc.

If women champions in this discipline are not as well-known as men, it is precisely because women have been allowed to enter major competitions only since the 90s.

You can become a Belgian boxing champion and more if you want to. All you need to do is take the first step. Stick to your goals, follow the advice of your coaches! Put on your gloves, your protective gear and you are ready to go.  Don’t let anyone tell you that boxing is not for women. Follow the training sessions at NBSBoxing  and become invincible.