Lessons for men and women

For 90 minutes, you won’t get a break. You can of course choose the level of intensity you want, but it is no secret that in order to progress, push your limits and see the results, there is only one thing left to do: WORK. With the help of our experienced team and the energy of the members of the pack, you will find yourself in an environment that you will love.

Days will go by without any training session being the same as the others and very soon, you will be looking forward to Boxing day. Our training sessions will challenge you, whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete as we will adapt to your level. At our club, you will get the best shape of your life while awakening the confidence of the champion that dwells within you.

boxeurs du club

Lessons for children

Your child is full of energy and you don’t know how to manage him/her anymore? At NBSBOXING, a team of experienced educators will help them release their energy and teach them to channel it.

With the help of psychomotricity exercises and educational sessions, the values of boxing will also allow your child to learn how to respect rules, concentrate and work hard.

Under the caring eye of our coaches, a playful atmosphere will allow your child to express him or herself fully and develop his or her character. Don’t wait any longer, let him join our pack of wolf cubs.

boxe en groupe

Lessons for women

In the heart of Brussels, boxing is also a women’s sport at NBSBOXING! Our team of coaches is extremely friendly and has a wealth of experience in English boxing. We offer lessons for girls / women where you can progress at your own pace.

The training sessions combine cardio, technical skills and sparring in a dynamic, friendly and girl-centered environment.

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Noon lessons

Do you have to pick up the kids after work or run errands? Need to study after your lessons? No problem! The NBSBOXING team offers you a staggered schedule between noon and 2:00 pm, which will allow you to follow training sessions very similar to the evening lessons.

Our coaches will bring out the best of you in a friendly and disciplined environment. The endorphins released during your training session will help you tackle the rest of your day free of fatigue and stress! Don’t wait any longer, join the pack!


Online lessons

You can take our online lessons from anywhere: from your living room, your hotel or your office. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection to join our live boxing session.

These lessons are scheduled twice a week, at a time convenient to as many of you as possible, thus making them accessible to everyone.

apprentissage avec coach