Join The Pack

01. Online and live boxing lessons

Boxing lessons online and live! A completely new concept that our NBSBOXING coaches have developed for you!

Days Hours
Monday At your convenience
Tuesday At your convenience
Saturday At your convenience

You will be able to take our online lessons from anywhere: from your living room, your hotel or your office. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection to join our live boxing session.

These lessons are held twice a week, at times that are convenient for as many of you as possible, so they can be accessible to everyone.

02. With NBSBOXING coaches

Our coaches and professional boxing trainers will give you advice and give you feedback live, ensuring a real interaction between you and them.

The way it works is very simple:

  1. You are added to a group that allows you to access a link, half an hour before the lesson begins
  2. Click on the link to access the live NBSBOXING lesson
  3. Our coaches will be waiting for you, ready to start the warm-up, the physical and then the boxing techniques.

03. Trainings at home

Gain agility, tactical skills, self-improvement, and gluteal strength through cardio training from the comfort of your home.

Our gym offers online sessions to build muscle while practicing English Boxing.

You just have to follow the instructions and you will have a coach who is ready for the warm-up, the training and the online coaching. No matter how busy you are, it’s always important to practice a sport!

Practicing the combat sport of boxing is a great way to blow off steam. Students will learn how to throw a punch and how to block punches. You can become a boxing champion just by taking online lessons. Take your lessons at your own pace and excel at boxing.

If you are interested in boxing (English style, French style, etc.) and don’t have time to come to the club, consider taking online lessons.

04. Online boxing lessons: advantages

To become a boxer, it is necessary to do your training sessions. These sessions are done in a boxing club, but you can also stay at home, put on your gloves and imagine yourself in the ring!

What are the advantages of taking boxing lessons online?

1 – You can lose weight by taking online boxing lessons. Combat sports require a lot of cardio. And cardio means weight loss. In one hour, without leaving your home, you can lose about 600 calories. We give you useful tips and put our coaches there to help you.

2 – Nothing changes. You benefit from the training sessions that are done at the gym while being at home, in your own environment. You will improve your physical condition (weight training) and strengthen your muscles. Personal coaching is available for beginners, and even for professionals, to prepare you for your next training session and to help you master the techniques of the sport.