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Take private boxing lessons at Nbsboxing

Boxing lessons at noon or in the morning. When you sign up for private boxing lessons at Nbsboxing, you get a coach all to yourself.

With our private boxing lessons, you can adjust your availability (to have private boxing lessons at times that are convenient for you) and your goals with a coach who will adapt his or her training program accordingly. You will train one-on-one with your coach and will have the time to ask all your questions.

An excellent sports coach at your disposal

Get a private boxing coach

Our private boxing coaches, being careful to meet your expectations, will be at your disposal to offer you a series of personalized exercises.

Their vocation will be to supervise you, accompany you and encourage you to further develop your sports career.

With an NBS private coach, you will be able to do boxing exercises adapted to your abilities and ambitions. You still have questions?

Don’t wait any longer, take a first trial lesson, you will discover more.

Learn boxing through private lessons with an NBS coach

The fact that you can rely on the services of an excellent private sports coach to practice boxing is a major asset.

It is important to know that the boxing lessons given in the classic format have the same limitations in terms of schedules and planning as a standard program intended for all learners.

Schedule flexibility is a major difficulty that has been identified by NBS. It is indeed difficult to rigorously respect schedules when our day is often paced by daily obligations (children, work, etc.). By choosing an NBS sports coach, you make the choice to be accompanied by high-level professionals who come to your home or to a gym at the hours that suit you so you can receive private boxing lessons at your own pace and level.

Another difficulty is that boxers receive little attention in a boxing gym, given the number of participants. On the other hand, when you take private English boxing lessons with NBS, your private coach will be entirely dedicated to you and will be able to follow your rhythm and your objectives.

Why should I take a private boxing lesson ?

Boxing has many merits. Actually, the practice of this physical activity interests a growing number of women who want to practice Fit Boxing. The goal is to shape the body, improve their physical skills and learn a defensive technique.

The NBS sports coaches will adapt to your restrictions. Unlike group boxing lessons where there are fixed schedules, it is up to you to set your own schedule and notify the NBS team.

As for men, the private boxing lessons will allow them to learn all the sports dynamics of the most experienced professionals. You will be able to take advantage of the advice of our NBS coaches. Select the equipment that suits you, set the right goals, and enjoy boxing with the help of an experienced team.