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How to block punches effectively in a fight?

When facing an opponent, blocking is a decisive move that allows you to neutralize the punches. Regardless of the kind of attacks, it is important to be able to block the punches at certain times in a fight. This is especially useful when the opponent in front of you is just throwing punches. To achieve this, you need to keep in mind a few key tricks.

Blocking punches: What does it mean?

This defensive move consists in stopping a punch by positioning a part of your body (or more precisely, the glove) between the target and the opponent’s attacking object. It can be done with a variety of body parts, such as the hands or the forearm.

Blocking is your basic defense. If you want to go “pro” in the art of fighting, it is important to learn how to block and use this boxing technique in combat. Depending on the pace of the fight, it will allow you to withstand punches without putting you out of range. In fact, it is the easiest way to defend yourself in preparation for a counterattack.

Reasons for blocking the punches

In a fight, sometimes the situation demands it. For example, a fighter is so cornered that he has little choice. But that’s not all. Under certain circumstances, the brain can start to overheat.

When a round lasts too long for a fighter, sometimes his mind gets overheated and he might not know what to do. This is where blocking comes in. It allows him to recover mentally in order to prepare himself for the next round. He breathes a little and thus regains his strength.

But there is a condition. Blocking the punches without reacting can become an impending threat for the boxer. The referee can intervene when the blocking lasts for too long. One must not only absorb the opponent’s blows with this technique, but also counterattack.

It is a natural reaction

Going “pro” in one-on-one combat can be difficult. Therefore, use blocking more often. It is a natural technique. In other words, it will come naturally. The more you block your opponents’ blows, the more you can prepare new attacks to knock them out in the ring.

How to use the blocking technique ?

Repeat the exercise several times: this is the secret behind the success of this technique. So, if you want to use it, it is essential to know what to do. As previously mentioned, it is not enough to just block the blows. You have to counterattack. So here are some tips on how to do that.

1 – Follow your instinct

Instinct is the greatest asset for a boxer. For example, after landing a right jab, your instinct should be to throw two “right-left” hooks and then do the same thing again. In another case, if your opponent throws you a left jab, you have to block the jab and retaliate with two ” right-left ” uppercuts.

2 – Find openings

Another asset for a boxer: openings. In fact, as soon as the punches start coming in, you need to be able to find openings in your opponent’s defense. This could be the opponent’s face or the position of his arms..

For good timing, you also need to notice if your opponent is open at any point. Did he start throwing punches without preparing a defense? Are his punches getting slow? These are questions that will help you block and succeed with a good attack.

3 – Add movement

One mistake you should not make is staying put. Avoid this type of position as much as possible. By staying in one place, you minimize your chances of getting a perfect boxing combo. Furthermore, the referee could penalize you. Choose one side to fight your opponent.

4 – Change your perspective on the ring

A good trick is to take your opponent’s side. Identify where his fighting technique has the most blind spots. Then, take action. For example, you can pick his left side and block his punches. Then, start throwing uppercuts or jabs, three times in a row, while using the loophole offered by the side you chose.

What are the advantages of blocking ?

bloquer les coups

Blocking is the first counter-attacking skill. It covers the body, head and other vulnerable parts of the body so as not to leave the fighter open to incoming punches. As a result, there are many advantages to blocking punches in real combat:

  • It is effective against all punches, especially the heavier ones.
  • It doesn’t require much skill, energy or reflexes.
  • It is a completely closed defense.
  • It’s a safe way to fight, for the fastest punchers.
  • Easy to do, it defends the body by providing a good defense against “jabs”, a common attack in boxing.

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