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Boxing camps to diversify the learning methods

Each year, the NBS Boxing team organizes boxing camps to help you deepen and vary your learning methods. The whole team, in a friendly and cheerful environment, travels to Egypt and the Ardennes for these boxing camps. Actually, a boxing camp is the best way to learn and have fun at the same time.

Available to everyone, men, women, beginners as well as professionals. The NBS Boxing camps provide golden opportunities to relax and strengthen your connections with the other members of the group. Although boxing is an individual sport, it is still practiced by human beings who are sociable people capable of doing great things, of moving mountains.

Boxing camps in Egypt with the Nbsboxing club

Come to Egypt every year with the NBS Boxing team for a boxing camp. No matter what your current level is, seize this opportunity. Travel as a group in a friendly environment. The departure from the airport is done as a group; this means that all the members gather at the airport in Brussels in order to start the journey to Egypt. You may wonder why Egypt among all the countries we can go to!

Boxing started in Egypt back in 3000 BC. So, you agree with us that Egypt is the starting point of everything we teach. So, by organizing the camp in this country, we are getting closer to the source and are historically closer to those who came before us.

If you are looking for a friendly team to practice boxing with, then you are in the right place at the right time when you take part in the camps organized by our team. We won’t tolerate any delays on the day of departure. Once on the plane, there is a lively mood, and you get to take pictures and videos to post on your social networks later on. The whole team will be wearing NBS printed t-shirts and this will definitely contribute to the overall picture. The bonding that takes place within the group is quite extraordinary.

When you arrive in Egypt, you will be welcomed like royalty, with a great vibe. The new Egyptian capital will welcome you. To ensure that everything goes well during your trip, you need fun, more fun and always more fun (swimming pool, buffets, games, etc.). However, you should not forget the main objective: training. We offer you some original outdoor workouts: sparring in the water, shadow boxing, etc. We also teach you how to run and improve your cardio.

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Special moments of relaxation and discovering Egyptian specialties that are quite unique. We also propose unusual activities for you to discover the culture of the country. You will be riding horses, swimming, participating in circus activities, etc.

However, training never stops. We will work on your agility, on your strength and always in a group setting. You will also benefit from individual lessons with specialized coaches. Get ready for the next adventure, join the team on our next trip!

Testimonials from participants: “everything is neat, well organized, beautiful, etc.”

Boxing camp in the Ardennes with Nbsboxing team

Join our boxing camp in the Ardennes to learn how to box in a fun environment. This department, which extends into the Belgian territories, welcomes you with open arms. Train with our coaches. Have fun with your family, take lessons in the countryside, strengthen bonds. Relax, have fun with people who love boxing as much as you do.

Do aqua gym, gymnastics, swimming, etc. This trip is perfect for everyone: children, men and women. Play pool, UNO, discover other people’ s talents and show off your own. This boxing camp is all about learning in a fun and relaxed way.

There will be barbecues, dances and more. Each day you will be in a group and in NBS Boxing gear to practice the sport and do the different workouts. This learning method allows everyone to develop a love for boxing while simultaneously developing other qualities such as self-esteem, social skills, etc.

Join our team and experience these moments every year during the month of August. In the Belgian Ardennes, in the heart of very exclusive and large villas with their own swimming pools, come and learn how to box, do some sport to improve your health and relax. You’ll be wanting more as soon as you’ve experienced it once.

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