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Nbsboxing, a boxing club recognized by the press!

NBS Boxing, renowned for its multiple Belgian boxing champions

Nbsboxing as reported by the press, NBS Boxing club is a major school that teaches English boxing and all its techniques to children and adults of all kinds. Many young people find well-being and balance through this club thanks to its committed and eager coaches and educators. With NBSboxing, stereotypes and prejudices about combat sports such as savate and kickboxing are being challenged.

It is important to know that boxing is not just a sport meant to develop your muscles or to keep you in shape. It is a discipline that helps develop strategy, thinking while moving, etc. NBSboxing is creating the future Belgian boxing champion!

Your children are welcome to join in a friendly boxing environment.

NBSboxing is a training gym and an educational boxing center located in the very heart of Brussels, within the Mint shopping mall in De Brouckere, so it’s easy and quick to access by metro, tram, bus or car. NBS Boxing is the educational boxing center that welcomes your children and yourself.

Dozens of children are accompanied by competent and educational boxing coaches, they train on a canvas equipped with gloves for punching and protections. Ages range from 4 to 14 years old, and they are being initiated to martial arts (English boxing, Thai boxing, kickboxing, Savate, American boxing, etc.). The drill is set to the rhythm of the ambient music, while the jump ropes keep spinning during the warm-up.

These boxing lessons for boys and girls allow the children to use all their energy, let off steam and have fun while training.

Coaches are present to accompany each child. When the child reaches his/her goal, he/she is fully satisfied, and the coach compliments him/her as well. In fact, we have more than 300 boxers, some of whom have been in our boxing club since kindergarten. Respect and discipline reign within every group of the club. Motor skills, agility, technical skills and other abilities are developed according to the needs of the members.

Several youngsters from NBS Boxing enter the ring in Gent

Eight boys fight, but among the amateurs, it is not the number of titles that is important. What matters is the essence of the fights. Among these young athletes, there is Mohamed who was there to fight with a particular physical condition. But today he is aiming for the title and is convinced he can win it.

The training for the Belgian Boxing Championships is intense. The competitors are mentally ready and are above all humble because humility is one of the qualities that a boxer requires. Among the youngsters, there are both men and women. Such is the case of Ryme, who is preparing for the next competition, as she does not feel ready for the current one yet.

Boxing is not a sport for bullies, NBSBoxing is a disciplined club

the press speaks about it

We make all our participants, our members, understand that boxing is a sport that requires discipline and respect. We do not accept bullies, thugs, or behaviors that fall into this category. Boxing is not street fighting. It has rules, codes, points, etc. Once you grow into the discipline which is an art, you learn to channel yourself. And this is what the coaches keep telling all our members. Come and let off steam, improve your cardio, through amateur or professional boxing training.

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